railroad injury lawyers
The Railroad lawyers of Hannon Law Office P.C. understand that nothing is more crucial than making sure your rights are protected. When you are represented by Hannon Law Office P.C., you get just that – dedicated attorneys, paralegals and support staff looking out for you. Hannon Law Office, P.C. is a Union-Designated Law Firm that has represented railroad injury victims and other personal injury cases for over 30 years.

Hannon Law Office P.C. focuses on injuries and disabilities commonly found in Railroad workers, as well as injuries sustained by motorists and pedestrians in car accidents, motorcycle accidents and trucking accidents. We believe that hard-working people are the backbone of this nation and we strive to get you the money that you deserve when you are injured on the job or in an unfortunate accident. We are a well established Railroad Injury Law Firm with attorneys, paralegals and support staff who have the knowledge and experience to secure million dollar verdicts and settlements.

Whether you are just looking for information about your railroad injury or motorvehicle accident, or are interested in speaking to one of our knowledgeable investigators, you can be assured that Hannon Law Office, P.C. will guide you through your difficult time and assist you in fully understanding your rights under the Federal Employers’ Liability Act (FELA) and your potential recovery.