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Specializing in Railroad Law, Mediation, Catastrophic Injuries and Head & Brain Injuries.





Hannon Law Office P.C. is a renowned Railroad Injury law firm that has been designated for over thirty years by railroad unions to represent railroadworkers under the Federal Employees Liability Act (FELA). Learn more.


Attorney Hannon has particular experience of Catastrophic Injuries - injuries which affect you and your family for the rest of your life.

Learn More.


One category of Catastrophic Injuries that requires expertise and experience are Head and Brain Injuries. As in many catastrophic injuries, Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) can be devastating not only to those injured, but also their families. Learn more.


A “work through it” process, that provides a structure by which those that have conflicting issues have a chance to confidentially set forth their points of view in a dispute,

expresses their positions and feelings, both privately and together, in order to realize new possibilities for a resolution. Learn More.



Vision statements are all too often filled with a lot of adjectives that sound nice but really do not come from the heart or from experience. After 38 years of practice my vision statement is a reflection of my past practice. When I came out of Temple Law School in 1978 the field of law in which I wanted to start practicing was still a mystery to me but I was sure of one thing, I wanted to help people. I wanted my work to make a difference in other’s lives. So besides being professional and efficient I have always strived to let my clients and their families know that I care, I take a personal interest in their case. I want my clients to communicate with me openly and frequently so that I understand the extent of their loss, pain, and future needs. I want to make sure that my client’s needs arising out of their case are being met to the best of my ability; I understand through experience that often means going beyond case law, legal filings, and courtrooms. It involves helping my clients with familial, financial, social, medical and a plethora of other issues. After a meeting or a phone call with me or my staff I want my clients to feel a sense of relief and satisfaction that their questions have been answered to the best possible extent. I know that legal matters are foreign and downright scary to a lot of individuals and their families. As an attorney I want to allay those fears and make sure my clients understand the process every step of the way. It means being honest with my clients regarding the strengths and weaknesses of their case, and it always requires thorough preparation. Results can range from settlement, possibly through mediation, or trying the case to a jury verdict. My vision will continue to be how I have practiced in the past, hard work, communication with a good dose of listening, honesty, loyalty, empathy and yes a sprinkling of love. You’re the boss, I’m here to serve you.



Greg Hannon

Tel: 888.222.3352

Cell: 609.471.1842

Attorney Gregory Hannon was born in New York City on July 26, 1953. He graduated from Mount Saint Mary’s College in 1975, and Temple Law School in 1978, and then clerked for Judge William D’Annunzio of the New Jersey Superior Court until 1979. Gregory has practiced in the Greater Philadelphia Metropolitan area ever since.


Greg’s practice has concentrated on representing railroad workers and their families under the Federal Employees Liability Act, the Locomotive Inspection Act, the Safety Appliance Act, the Federal Railroad Safety Act and the Railroad Retirement Act in Federal and State courts across most of the Eastern United States. These acts protect railroad workers and their families when injuries happen on the job. These acts provide disability and retirement benefits to railroad employees, promote safety in the railroad industry and prevent harassment and retaliation against railroad employees.


Greg is designated counsel for the members of several railroad unions.


Greg specializes in mediating cases in an effort to avoid or mitigate the time and expenses of litigation, as well as head and brain trauma cases for children and adults. These cases require medical knowledge, an understanding of the effects of brain damage, and the ability to plan the future care of an injured individual. They also require the expertise of neurologists, neuropsychologists, therapists, nurses, future care planners and neuroimaging specialists all working together in the best interest of the individual. 


Greg has participated in hundreds of litigated and mediated cases in over fifteen states in State and Federal courts, has negotiated settlements as well as litigated matters that could not settle, in thousands of cases. These cases covered railroad injuries, catastrophic injuries, head and brain injuries and all types of occupational exposure cases including hearing loss, asbestos, chemical and diesel fumes.

For the last eighteen years Greg has owned, and has been the senior partner of HANNON

LAW OFFICE, P.C. (full C.V.)






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