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One category of Catastrophic Injuries that requires expertise and

experience are Head and Brain Injuries. As in many catastrophic injuries,

Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) can be devastating not only to those

injured, but also their families.


This particular specialty takes a great deal of knowledge and expertise

that crosses over many disciplines and covers a multitude of issues

such as:


  • Understanding the Brain - Anatomy of the Brain and Causes of TBI;

  • Impairments -  which may be cognitive, physical, behavioral, and psychological, the squalae of which is often speech,  language, movement and other deficits;

  • Rehabilitation -  The Rehabilitation Process is critical, must be addressed early, will continue for many years and may include Inpatient and Outpatient Rehabilitation;

  • Coordinating Medical Management of neurologist, neuropsychologist, neuroimaging, neuro testing, neuropsychiatrists, sexologists, physical and occupational therapists and nurses;

  • Vocational & Economic Experts to determine residual occupational and self-care functions;

  • Life Care Planning to project a plan to take care of the needs of an individual for the rest of his/her life;

  • Protection of Assets and Awards of Damages or Settlement Proceeds.


Greg has handled these cases from A to Z, and is available if you,

or your family members find themselves in the awful position of having

to deal with a Traumatic Brain Injury.




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