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Mediation is a process that Attorney Hannon has woven into many cases

over the course of his career. It is a “work through it” process, that

provides a structure by which those that have conflicting issues have

a chance to confidentially set forth their points of view in a dispute,

expresses their positions and feelings, both privately and together,

in order to realize new possibilities for a resolution.


Litigation is sometimes necessary, but it is expensive, time consuming

and emotionally draining. It is often a win/lose situation with little input

from the parties involved, unless a case actually goes to trial. Mediation

is not a win/lose situation. The objective is for the disputants themselves

(either pre - litigation or during litigation) to become more informed,

clarify issues at the heart of the dispute, and through the framework

provided by the mediator and the attorneys, overcome barriers, solve

problems and negotiate mutually agreeable resolutions.


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