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Hannon Law Office P.C. is a renowned Railroad Injury law firm that has

been designated for over thirty years by railroad unions to represent railroad

workers under the Federal Employees Liability Act (FELA). Greg is a

well-established railroad/FELA attorney and has the knowledge and experience

to secure million-dollar railroad injury verdicts and settlements.


Today, the strength of this country lies in the byproduct of a hard working

America – including the railroad workers who labor to create and build what

we use every day. Hannon Law Office P.C. is well versed in the importance

of railroad unions and American workers. As union-designated Railroad

Attorneys, we will support your efforts to establish a satisfying FELA

settlement or verdict through our diligent representation and hard work.


If you are a railroad Union Member, rest assured we will expertly review the

circumstances of your claim, and based on your information, will provide with

the appropriate legal advice. Hannon Law Office is here to guide you through

whatever legal procedures are necessary to ensure the fair and equitable

resolution of your FELA claim.


One of the cornerstones of our firm is our success in litigating railroad

cases and fighting for the rights of railroad workers under the Federal

Employees Liability Act (FELA). As a railroad employee, you are engaged

in one of the most dangerous occupations because you are continually

working around railroad cars and heavy, railroad related equipment. There is

a multitude of job related injuries that railroad workers may suffer while

at work on the railroad every day. Railroad trauma, exposure to hazardous

materials and chemicals are only a few of the many areas of legal expertise

Hannon Law Office offers our clients.


Over the years, the railroads have intimidated and harassed employees

for reporting injuries; for seeking medical treatment;  trying to reduce

their exposure to dangerous chemicals and substances such as asbestos,

creosote and diesel fumes; reporting serious safety issues and

outright violations of safety laws; refusing to violate a federal law, rule,

or regulation relating to rail safety.


The Federal Railroad Safety Act (FRSA) 49 U.S.C. 20109 prohibits railroads from retaliating against workers who engage in “protected activities” such as those listed above. Adverse action taken by a railroad against a railroad employee for engaging in a protected activity can be a violation of the FRSA, resulting in

reinstatement, payment for economic loss, payment for emotional

distress to the railroad employee and punitive damages imposed on

the railroad.


However, the notice requirements are strict, so if you are an employee

who is covered by the FRSA, you must contact an attorney immediately.


We hope that if you have arrived at our site, it is because you have heard

about our past success in litigating railroad cases or you simply found us

through Goggle. No matter the case, please contact us for a 100% free

consultation with regards to your railroad injury or FELA claim.



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