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This blog starts as I launch my new website. It might not meet your traditional idea of a blog but I hope that it will be fun and educational. Most of all, I hope that you share your thoughts with me.

As we enter into a more serious phase of this election cycle no matter what your politics are realize that a lot of the issues that affect our lives the most are played out before the Supreme Court of the United State---financial, social, health, familial, etc., etc. and will have a profound effect on us and our children and grandchildren for decades to come---like it or not, that’s the way it is.

Justice Scalia is deceased, Justice Ginsburg is 83 and has many health problems, Justice Kennedy is almost 80 and Justice Breyer is almost 78.

The next President of the United States is probably going to have at least 2, and quite possibly 3, appointments to the Supreme Court bench. These appointments are for life. The court is closely divided on many of the aforementioned issues. In my opinion the appointments to come need to be neutral and they need to be Justices that have the best interest of the country and all its people in mind and not have the best interests of the liberals or conservatives, democrats or republicans, or hawks and doves. So I hope everyone will consider the above and if for no other reason---VOTE! This is one issue where your vote can have a profound impact for decades.

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